DIY and Repair Guide

Guide for Dance Pad Repair, Modification, and DIY

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) - StepMania - In The Groove (ITG) - Pump It Up (PIU)

Arcade Pad Parts

Click here to see the current inventory of arcade parts.

Home Pad Parts

Click here to see the current inventory of home pad pads.

Control Box Replacement

If you have a lost/broken control box, or need a control box for a pad that does not have one check out our USB Control Box for StepMania or PlayStation PS1/PS2 Control Box

Not sure what pad you have? Click here for our Control Box Pad Guide. 

DIY Pads

If you would like to make your own home pad check out the Cobalt Flux style DIY pad kit.

Many arcade parts can be used when making arcade style DIY pads.

We now sell parts for the opensource RE:Flex Dance pad, for more information click here.

To see other DIY parts click here.

Click here for custom 3D printed parts for DIY pads.

You can get help building DIY pads in our Facebook group or in the subreddit r/DIY_Dance_Pads 

FSR Sensors

We offer two different styles of FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) sensors, long and square. Each sensor comes with your choice of connection either solder tabs or female 2 pin housing. These sensors can be used to upgrade arcade and home pads or when making DIY pads. The long FSR sensor can be cut to any length you like. Click here to see the FSR sensors we have available. You can use our Arduino Micro Clone to connect the FSR sensors. We now offer a FSR Mod Kit which includes everything you need to set up FSR sensors with your arcade, home, or DIY pad. 

Click here to see our FSR Mod Kit

Click her to see our FSR sensors

Click here for our Arduino Micro Clone

For more information on how to use FSR sensors check out the external resources linked below.

Guide for using Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) sensors: fsr/ at master · teejusb/fsr · GitHub

Guide for setting up Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) sensors: itg-fsr/fsr at master · vlnguyen/itg-fsr · GitHub

Video guide for wiring Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) sensors: (1) Part 5: How to wire a teensy for an FSR pad (with lights) - YouTube

Guide for making Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) Pad: Building a dance pad with FSR and Arduino | fsr-pad-guide (

Guide to Build a Travel Pad with FSRs: GitHub - teejusb/teejusb-pad: Guide to Build a Travel Pad with FSRs

L-TEK PlayStation Control Box DIY Mod Kit 

If you want to connect your L-TEK pad to PlayStation PS1/PS2 we offer a DIY Mod Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to connect your L-TEK to PlayStation.

For more information on how to put this L-TEK PlayStation DIY Mod Kit together check out the guide linked below.

L-TEK (Polish) DDR Pad -> Cobalt Flux connector mod for use with the Playstation 2 (plus adding X/O buttons!) - Imgur

L-TEK Polling at 1000hz

Older version L-TEK pads have a stock PCB (printed circuit board) that polls at 125hz. We offer a L-TEK USB Controller Board - 1000hz PCB that can be used to upgrade older L-TEK pads to poll at 1000hz. It can also be used to build DIY control boxes for other dance pads. For instruction on how to install this board into L-TEK pads visit How to Replace L-TEK Board.

StepMania Info

StepMania is a free dance game program for PC, Mac and Linux. Visit our StepMania info page to download StepMania and get a free song pack that includes every single Dance Dance Revolution song. 

If you need help connecting your dance pad to StepMania check out our guide How to Map a Dance Pad with StepMania.

Dance Pad Sensitivity Mod

We offer a Sensitivity Mod for L-TEK and Cobalt Flux pads. It's an upgraded version of the "penny mod". Designed to work will all L-TEK and Cobalt Flux pads. Click here for the Cobalt Flux and L-TEK Pad Sensitivity Mod

Custom 3D Printing

Click here for custom 3D printing services


Operator's manuals for Dance Dance Revolution, In The Groove, Pump It Up, and Cobalt Flux.

Modifying Soft Pads:

Soft Pads tend to wrinkle and move during play. Modifying a soft pad will make it playable at higher levels. You can improve a soft pad by attaching it to a wood base and covering it with a plastic sheet.

Mounting a Soft Dance Pad to Wood Base:

Click Here for a DIY Video Guide

Click Here for a DIY Written Guide


You can get help repairing and modifying arcade and home pads in our Facebook group or in the subreddit r/DIY_Dance_Pads

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