StepMania Guide

Download StepMania dance game for PC, MAC play Dance Dance Revolution on computer

StepMania is a free program that allows you to play dance games on your computer! It was developed as an open-source clone of Konami's arcade game series Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

StepMania Pads

If you are looking for a pad that is compatible with StepMania check out our Pad Buying Guide or visit our Home Pads section.


StepMania Control Boxes

If you already have a pad and are trying to connect it to your computer via USB check out our StepMania Control Boxes.

StepMania Computer

If you need a computer for running StepMania check out this Mini Computer

StepMania Info

If you need help connecting your dance pad to StepMania see our guide How to Map a Dance Pad with StepMania.
If you need help adding songs to StepMania see our guide How to add songs to StepMania.

Download StepMania 

StepMania Version (Click to Download) Operating System Size
StepMania 5.0.12 - Windows Windows 49 MB
StepMania 5.0.12 - Mac Mac 56 MB
StepMania 5.0.12 - Linux Linux 68 MB

 StepMania requires Microsoft DirectX to run on Windows. If you receive this error (d3dx9_43.dll) then click here to download DirrectX.

StepMania is no longer supported by the newest macOS. For Mac users we recommend downloading Project Outfox. It's a newer version of StepMania that's compatible with Apple computers.

Dance Dance Revolution Songs for StepMania

You can download all DDR songs together as a single zip file or click the song packs below to download individually.  

Song Mix (Click to Download) Size
Full package of all DDR songs for StepMania 10.67 GB
DDR 1st Mix 48 MB
DDR 2nd Mix Club Version 33 MB
DDR 2nd Mix 44 MB
DDR 2nd Mix Club Version 2 96 MB
DDR 2nd Mix LINK 11 MB
DDR 3rd Mix Plus 125 MB
DDR 3rd Mix Korea V1 25 MB
DDR 3rd Mix Korea V2 33 MB
DDR 4th Mix 149 MB
DDR 4th Mix Plus 27 MB
DDR 5th Mix 133 MB
DDR MAX 2 241 MB
DDR Extreme 555 MB
DDR SuperNOVA 769 MB
DDR SuperNOVA 2 497 MB
DDR X 553 MB
DDR X3 310 MB
DDR 2013 554 MB
DDR 2014 1.49 GB
DDR A 2.42 GB
DDR A20 1 GB
DDR A 20+ 514 MB 

In The Groove (ITG) Songs for StepMania

Song Pack (Click to Download) Size # of Songs
In The Groove 1 152 MB 67
In The Groove 2 148 MB 66
In The Groove 3 293 MB  85
In The Groove Rebirth 227 MB 85
In The Groove Rebirth + 123 MB 35
In The Groove Rebirth 2 (BETA) 251 MB 78