L-TEK Control Box - DIY Mod Kit for PlayStation & Video Game Systems

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Play classic Dance Dance Revolution games on your L-TEK!

Available for PlayStation PS1/PS2, PlayStation 3, Xbox Original, Xbox 360, GameCube, and Wii.

This DIY kit includes everything you need to connect your L-TEK pad to PlayStation and most other video game systems to play Dance Dance Revolution games. 

By doing this mod you will give your L-TEK pad an external connection that is the same 15-pin connection used in Cobalt Flux pads. This kit will make your L-TEK pad compatible with all 15-pin Cobalt Flux control boxes.

For more information on how to put this kit together click here for a guide.

This kit requires that you rewire your L-TEK pad to connect the new control box. We do not recommend buying this kit unless you have the necessary tools and are comfortable modifying your pad. 

Kit Includes:

  • 15-pin Control Box of your choice
  • 15-pin D-Sub female breakout board
  • 5 feet of wire 
  • Insulating heat shrink wrap
  • Pinout diagram for Cobalt Flux

**Please note that modifying your dance pad in any way may void the manufacturer's warranty**

For more information on how to put this kit together click here for a guide.

~If for any reason you are not happy with the kit you can get a full refund within 30 days~