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This kit includes almost everything you need to build your own Cobalt Flux style pad. Just mount this kit to a wood base and you will have a high-quality dance pad that lasts for years.

This kit has been modeled after the Cobalt Flux pad, and It allows you to create a functionally exact reproduction (graphics not included). Each component of the Cobalt Flux pad has been reverse engineered and reproduced. All the stainless steel and polycarbonate is custom laser cut to match the Cobalt Flux pad exactly. If you are familiar with how the Cobalt Flux pad is built, then building this pad should be fairly straightforward.

To keep the shipping cost down, the heavy wooden base is not included. You will need to acquire a wooden base to complete this kit. The recommend size for the wooden base is 33 ¼“ x 33 ¼“ x ¾”

This is a DIY kit and there is a significant amount of work involved in putting it together. We have a guide available here.

If you are building this kit we recommend that you have a basic understanding of dance pad construction and access to the necessary tools. You are essentially building a Cobalt Flux pad, so if you have knowledge about its construction that will be very helpful when building this pad.  

Kit includes:

  • 1 Stainless Steel Grounding Base 33”x33”
  • 9 Stainless Steel Panels 11”x11”
  • 9 Clear Polycarbonate Panels 11”x11”
  • 1 Control Box (Choose from USB StepMania, USB StepMania-1000Hz, or PlayStation PS1/PS2)
  • 36 Velcro Mounting Adhesive
  • D-Sub Breakout Board
  • 25 feet of 24 gauge copper wire
  • 36 Screws

Stainless-Steel Grounding Base (1)

33”x33” custom laser cut stainless steel base. This is the first layer of the pad. It will be mounted on top of the wood base using the Velcro Mounting Adhesive. When wiring the pad, this base is the common ground for the entire pad.

Stainless-Steel Panels (9 panels)

11”x11” custom laser cut panels. These panels form the middle layer of the pad. Each panel has four precut holes for the screws to go through. You will need to run one wire to each panel and attach it using the Velcro mounting adhesive. When you step on the Stainless-Steel Panel it touches the Stainless-Steel Grounding Base and completes the circuit, which is registered by the control box as a step on the pad. 

Clear Polycarbonate Panels (9 panels) 

11”x11” custom cut clear Polycarbonate Panels. These panels form the top layer of the pad. They will be placed over the Stainless-Steel Panels and held in places using the provided screws. Each panel comes with 4 predrilled holes (not pictured), for the screws to go into. 

Control Box: choose from USB or PS2 (1) 

This kit comes with your choice of custom USB or PlayStation PS1/PS2 control box already built for you. The USB control box can be used to play StepMania and the PlayStation control box can be use to play Dance Dance Revolution. There is a 15-pin male connection that will plug into the finished pad. The control box comes fully constructed and ready to use. The pinout used for this control box is the same as the original cobalt flux pinout. So, that means you can use any cobalt flux control box with this pad. You will receive a diagram with the pinout that shows how the pad should be connected to the control box.

D-Sub Breakout Board (1)

This is where the control box connects to the pad. You will run one wire to the Stainless-Steel Grounding Base and one wire to each Stainless-Steel Panel. Those wires will then be connected to this D-Sub breakout board using the provided pin out. 

Velcro Mounting Adhesive (36 pieces)

Cobalt Flux Dance Pad replacement parts Velcro

1 7/8" Velcro® Brand Tape Dots. These are used to connect the wires to the Stainless-Steel Grounding Base and the Stainless-Steel Panels. They hold the wires in place so there is no need to solder anything when building this pad. They also act to separate the Stainless-Steel Panels from the Stainless-Steel Grounding Base, so that when you step on the panel it flexes and touches the base which completes the circuit. 

Screws (36 pieces)

3/4" Phillips Modified Truss Head. These screws go into the predrilled holes in each Polycarbonate Panels, through the precut holes in the Stainless-Steel Panels, through the Velcro Mounting Adhesive and into the wood base. There are 4 screws for each of the 9 panels. 

Wires: Includes all the necessary wires for completing the pad. You will need to attach the wires to the Stainless-Steel Panels using the Velcro Mounting Adhesive, run the wires under the Stainless-Steel Grounding Base and connected them to the D-Sub Breakout Board. It is recommended that you use a router to create a channel in the wood base for the wires. For an easier alternative you can drill holes through the wood base and run the wires underneath. 

Because this is a DIY kit it is not eligible for our 30-day return policy. However, we still offer after sale support and will replace any defective, damaged or missing parts. This kit gives you the necessary parts to build a DIY pad, and you are responsible for a significant amount of the work involved in constructing this pad.

Pickup is available in Cleveland, OH. Please contact to arrange pickup. Shipping available within the U.S.

You can get help building DIY pads in our Facebook group or in the subreddit r/DIY_Dance_Pads

Click here to see the step by step guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simple but high quality

I put together one of these kits recently and was very impressed by it. The panels were nice, it was simple to put together, and it just worked when it was all finished. I spent more time on finishing the wood base than assembling the pad itself!

Amazing DIY kit

Recently decided to get back into playing DDR as arcades (let alone an arcade with a DDR machine) is a rare site around the area I am located. The quality of the materials and instructions are all top notch. My buddy and I built a pretty simple 2x4 structure with 3/4" MDF as the base. The wiring job isn't the greatest but definitely gets the job done.

Below is a link to a few pictures I took of the finished product showing the top, side and bottom profiles.

100% highly recommend this kit.

Got me into doubles

I love this kit and I was able to build a companion for my Cobalt Flux.

BUT, the hardest part of this is probably sourcing a matching base if you already have a CF. I tried contracting the local lumber yard to glue some panels together for me and that was not the right move. I'll be sanding epoxy off the metal base once I get a proper 20mm thick composite board from a cabinet maker and make V2 of this board, but all of these mistakes were MY fault, and I'm sure this kit will hold up to a rebuild. If you're into a fun project and figuring out your local contracting scene, you will enjoy yourself while getting to doubles.