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Soft dance pad with foam insert for playing StepMania. Plug and play USB connection to any computer.

This is a thicker version of our StepMania USB Soft Pad. It has a 3/4" foam insert which gives the pad more stability and prevents it from wrinkling and moving around during play. Like all soft pads It's intended for beginner to intermediate level players. 

All 9 panels on this pad are active, including the center button. This allows you to use it for all dance games including StepMania, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), and Pump It Up (PIU). The sensors are located under the arrows and do not fully cover the entire panel graphics.

StepMania is a free dance game program for PC and Mac. Visit our StepMania info page to download StepMania and get a free song pack that includes every single Dance Dance Revolution Song.  

~If for any reason you are not happy with the pad you can get a full refund within 30 days~

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nik C
Excellent pad and customer service

Super easy to put together. Feels good, doesn't slide too much, sensitive, and fun. Connected instantly with Outfox (no Stepmania on Mac) and was playing within minutes!

Molly Wolfe
Works perfectly!

It was really easy to set up and put together! I really recommend this pad! It works perfectly on step mania on the steam deck.


I just received mine today and have been playing on it for an hour. It really brings me back to being a kid and is an easy way to get the heart pumping. I’m so impressed it was so easy to get and put together. Thank you sooooo much for this, you have improved the quality of my life.

Great Thicc Pads

I bought a pair of these several weeks ago and am very pleased with them.

I haven't played DDR since occasionally at a friend's house around 2003 but I got interested again after playing with my partner at Dave and Buster's. I was pleasantly surprised by how close these thicc pads come to the hard platform experience, plus these have the benefit of being easily put away when not in use. I thought a drawback would be that it's hard to feel the "buttons" with your feet, but after breaking them in a bit you get a slight divot in the center of each button that solves that problem.

I would recommend these to anybody looking for a fun way to stay active at home. I mean, really very fun. There is so much amazing community content for Stepmania/Outfox out there that you just won't run out of new songs to play, and all for free! It's great and if you've read this far you should probably just buy these :)