PAD2PC - Arcade Pad PC I/O with Light Support

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The PAD2PC is a replacement circuit board for your arcade pad. It allows you to connect your arcade pad to PC and play games like StepMania. It features plug and play compatibility and full lighting support.

Available for DDR, ITG, and PIU

Want to use your dance pads with a PC and maintain panel light support? The PAD2PC was designed to do exactly that!

How It Works: You just pull the step panel connectors from the factory IO board and plug it into the new board. Plug in the power cable, and connect the board to a PC running your dance game (StepMania, StepF2, etc.) using a USB micro cable and you have yourself a working arcade pad that lights each panel up when stepped on!


There are two configurations of this product, one will work with Dance Dance Revolution arcade pads, and the other will work with Pump It Up and In The Groove arcade pads. Please use the drop down menu above to select your version. Both configurations will work with CCFL fluorescent style lights and LED lights.

Performance: The heart of the board is a Teensy 3.6 microcontroller, which is an ARM Cortex-M4. Verified 1000Hz polling with computer.

Comes with a laptop-style power supply for the lights, and a 10ft micro USB cable to connect to a PC. Each board can power one pad, so you would need 2 boards for the full 2 sided arcade dance stage. 

What's Included:

  • 1 board
  • 1 power supply (For USA Outlets)
  • 1 micro USB cable 10ft

Video Installation Guide:

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Superior innovated product! Playing PIU pad to PC with Steppxx, step prime, stepf1 etc. Great to not be limited!! Thank you! Description was excellent.