I-PAC2 for Connecting Pad to StepMania

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I-PAC2 Pad to PC Connection

Connect Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Pad to PC for StepMania. Can be use to make custom control boxes to connect any arcade or home dance pad to PC. Great for connecting arcade pads to PC, or building your own DIY control boxes.

This can be used to replace the arcade pad I/O and connect it to PC. 

This circuit board is more user friendly than other options because It offers solderless screw connections and it is easy to set up and connect. This circuit board has fast running interrupt-driven software with a much quicker response than standard USB controllers. Key debounce software uses a state method for each button. Each input has it's own dedicated microprocessor pin. Resulting in no interaction or delays for multi-button games like StepMania.

Please note this does not offer light support for your arcade pad. It is intended to only connect your arcade pad sensors via USB to your PC. This means that the lights will not work on your pad using only this device. 

I-PAC 2 (32 Inputs plus trackball and spinner connector/PAC-Link expansion)

  • I-PAC has 32 inputs each with it's own dedicated microprocessor pin. No interaction or delays, vital for multi-button games such as fighting games.
  • I-PAC is much more than a keyboard encoder! Pins can be configured as mouse buttons or game controller buttons, plus power and volume control.
  • Multi-mode functionality enables interface to be switched into dual gamepad mode or dual Xinput controller mode.
  • I-PAC emulates a USB keyboard and yet breaks through the USB simultaneously-pressed-switch limit of 6 switches (plus ctrl,alt,shift) which afflicts all USB keyboard devices. This is because it has inbuilt full native USB support, and does not rely on an add-on adaptor.
  • I-PAC has a shift function which allows ANY input to be assigned to a shifted secondary keycode and the shift button can have it's own function too so no need for a dedicated extra control panel button.
  • I-PAC has a self-test LED which not only gives an instant visible check of your installation but also can indicate which connection (if any) is causing a problem.
  • I-PAC retains it's programming including operation mode after power off. Beware! Not all keyboard encoders do this!
  • I-PAC (Interface for Pc to Arcade Controls) is a range of boards which allow connection of arcade controls such as buttons and joysticks to a USB port on a host system. It was designed around the MAME emulator which supports over 1000 arcade games and can be used with other emulators or any software which requires keyboard or game controller input.It is designed to be used inside an Arcade Games cabinet with the host system also mounted inside, but could just as easily be used with simply a control panel without a cabinet.
  • Special shift function buttons mean that a normal keyboard is only be needed for game loading and configuration, not for gameplay. All key codes can be programmed but you dont have to as you can use the built-in default configuration which has all standard MAME codes for quick and easy installation. Programmed keys codes are stored even after power off.
  • The I-PAC2 has 32 inputs. They are all programmable and are marked as 2 joysticks, 8 buttons each, plus coin1, coin2, start1, start2 and Mame control keys. Any inputs can be assigned as a shift key to access an alternate code set. This board also has a connector which can be configured to plug our trackball and spinner into, or for our console interfaces.
  • The MAME control keys are by default assigned to the "A" and "B" inputs. Check out the code table here for all default assignments.
  • The I-PAC4 has 56 inputs. All programmable and marked as 4 joysticks, 8 buttons each plus coin 1,2,3,4 and start 1,2,3,4. Any inputs can be assigned as a shift key to access separate codes sets. When using a U-Trak trackball or SpinTrak spinner with this board, they can be ordered with their own optional USB interfaces. Note the 9-pin header on the I-PAC 4 is for factory use only.
  • Fully programmable key code set. Stored even after power off unlike some other interfaces which lose all data when powered off.
  • Controls can be assigned to any keycode, game controller button, plus mouse buttons, power, sleep or wake.
  • Three modes of operation: Keyboard/mouse, dual gamepad/mouse and dual Xinput controller.
  • All joystick/button connections easily made via screw tag strip. Connections marked on the board.
  • Chunky 5mm screw connectors .
  • Self-Test LED gives an instant check of all your wiring. Can indicate which, if any, input has a problem.
  • All button inputs referenced to ground - no need to re-wire separate grounds to each button.
  • Lead plugs into USB port.
  • Using host software, an unlimited number of keycode configurations can be stored and downloaded on-the-fly. Retained on power off.
  • No separate power needed.
  • Does not use a matrix - no ghost keys.
  • Does not use a scanning method which causes a variable delay. Each input has it's own dedicated connection into the on-board CPU .
  • Fast running interrupt-driven software gives much better response than a standard keyboard controller. Key debounce uses a state method for each key. No delays between keys depressed at the same time. (essential for fighting games).
  • De-bounce logic with configurable timer, or can be completely turned off.
  • Either uses standard MAME keys or you can program your own character set.
  • Shift functions. Holding "Start1" and pressing other buttons sends a range of codes for MAME functions such as "escape", "Coin 1", "tab", "enter". This means no extra buttons are needed on the cabinet. In programmable mode any input can be the shift key and all keys can be programmed with a shifted code.
  • Special note for Windows MAME users! Shift key functions mean you can select and start games from the Windows interface without using the keyboard or mouse.
  • No special drivers needed. USB drivers are generic Windows.
  • Fully compatible with all Apple Macs which have USB ports.
  • Supports the Apple Mac "command" key and the Windows "GUI" keys.
  • I-PAC boards can be paired in any combination to increase the total number of inputs. Simply plug into a second USB port.
  • Keycode programming is integrated directly into many popular front ends for seamless launch of emulator or other applications which require different codesets.


  • The IPAC uses a high-performance microcontroller chip . No matrix or diodes are used hence absolutely no ghosting, blocking or delays.
  • De-bounce. This uses a state counter method. Each input has it's own counter. This means simultaneous keypresses are never locked out.
  • Key code Flash ROM storage. Retains custom settings after power off/on
  • Full Speed USB 2.0 compatible.
  • Shift key logic including protection against stuck keys.

~If for any reason you are not happy with the part you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase~