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Dedicated USB control box for playing StepMania. Plug and play connection to any computer. 

Other control boxes and USB converters can have issues with lag, latency, delay, connectivity, and axis problems. Avoid all of these issues and get a seamless StepMania experience with these custom built control boxes. Compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.

Before purchasing a control box please visit our Pad Identification Guide.

Select your pad from the drop down menu. If you are unsure of what control box to buy please send a picture of your pad to and we will help you find a control box that is compatible with your pad.

StepMania is a free dance game program for PC, Mac and Linux. Visit our StepMania info page to download StepMania and get a free song pack that includes every single Dance Dance Revolution song. If you need help connecting your dance pad to StepMania check out our guide How to Map a Dance Pad with StepMania.


~If for any reason you are not happy with the control box you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase~

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