Sensor Channel Mod for DDR, ITG & PIU

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Custom engineered 3D printed sensor channel modification.

Increases sensitivity and replaces the need for the Rubber Sensor Channel and L-Bracket

Modified sensor channel used for holding arcade sensors. Compatible with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), In The Groove (ITG), and Pump It Up (PIU). This is a more efficient and effective way of activating arcade sensors. It Improves sensitivity by decreasing the distance between the sensor and the arrow panel. It covers more of the sensor resulting in more points of contact to activate the sensor. This mod can also help you avoid issues with the L-Bracket getting stuck in an unfavorable position. 

This mod is designed to provide optimal sensitivity for the majority of dance pads. However, due to manufacturing tolerance every dance pad is slightly different. For this reason you may want to add foam mounting tape to the upper or lower piece of the mod to achieve your desired level of sensitivity.

It is recommend that you remove the L-Bracket entirely, and affix this Sensor Channel Mod to the switch frame with double sided mounting tape or super glue (not included).


    • Top piece is 3D printed with ultra durable and flexible TPU
    • Bottom sensor channel is 3D printed with high quality PLA
    • Used to hold DDR, ITG, & PIU arcade sensor / floor switch

    Available in 4 colors

    • Black Top + Black Bottom
    • Blue Top + Black Bottom
    • Pink Top + Black Bottom
    • White Top + Black Bottom

    *Sensors Not Included*

    Click here to purchase DDR sensors

    Click here to purchase PIU sensors 

    ~If for any reason you are not happy with the part you can get a full refund within 30 days~

    - Design by Brandon Anders

    Customer Reviews

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    Alejandro Padilla

    But dont give me any discount of them

    Bryan B.
    Great upgrade if you are already looking to replace your worn sensor channels.

    I just finished installing these into my DDR KCAB and it has made a definite improvement over the original sensor channels. Prior to using these, I was having to fiddle with adding differing amounts of support under each arrow corner to get them to stop sticking and also not reduce sensitivity. These really even everything out, but please be aware, I highly recommend that you add some support/foam to the corner supports to make them more flush with these raised sensor brackets. Overall these provide great sensitivity for playing DDR Extreme, and I am having no trouble with AAAing or SDGing songs. I have not tested them with ITG as of yet.