Cobalt Flux "Penny" Sensitivity Mod

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Compatible with all Cobalt Flux pads.

Increase the sensitivity of your pad with these conductive adhesive copper strips!

It's an upgraded version of the “penny mod”. Custom engineered and laser cut 1.5" x 0.75" copper strips with highly conductive adhesive backing. These copper inserts are designed to work perfectly with your Cobalt Flux pad. They decrease the distance between the metal sensors creating an ultra-sensitive pad. They are backed with industrial strength conductive adhesive infused with silver. Just peel off the sticker like backing to reveal the adhesive. Then stick this to your pad the same way you would the “penny mod”. No longer will you have to worry about holding the pennies in place and having them slip around when you play or move the pad.

Increase connectivity and decrease the distance the steel panels must travel to register a step on the pad. Easy to install, these copper inserts are meant to be permanent, but they can also be removed.

Choose from Partial Mod (4 pieces), Partial Mod (8 pieces) or Full Mod (16 pieces)

To get the best experience you will need the Full Mod. The Full Mod gives you 16 pieces in total, 4 for each arrow panel, one for each edge. If you prefer to just step on the inner part of each panel you can get the partial mod. The partial mod comes with 4 pieces, one for the inside edge of each arrow panel.

For a larger version of this mod check out our Cobalt Flux Copper Sensitivity Mod

Installation Instructions 

  1. Remove the panels from the pad to reveal the steel sensors.
  2. Clean the sensor plate with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and allow to fully dry. This will help ensure that the Sensitivity Mod adheres to the sensor plate.
  3. Remove the sticker like backing from the Sensitivity Mod to reveal the conductive adhesive. Be careful to peel off ONLY the plastic backing and NOT the adhesive.
  4. Apply the side with the conductive adhesive to the pad the same way you would the “penny mod”. Apply pressure for at least 1 minute to ensure a strong hold.
  5. Reassemble the pad.

~If for any reason you are not happy with the mod you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase~

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Hofmann
New life to an old CF

I have an original Cobalt Flux from the mid-2000's, but at the time, I didn't use it as much as I imagined I would compared to the Ignition foam pad I had before. It just wasn't very responsive and while I got the arcade mod with the raised panels and brackets, that actually made it worse in some respects(less foot pressure if doing heel-toe). The penny mod hadn't been invented so I mostly played in the arcade while the CF stayed in storage - I wanted to play ITG 10's and 11's and it was too restrictive.

I finally got back into dance games again this year and decided to look into doing something with the CF, so I went ahead and ordered this mod(full 16-count) and a Stepmania control box. It took about two hours to install, most of it spent opening and reseating each panel and bracket. I used a ruler to position each insert 1" from the edge and applied adhesion pressure with some 2.5lb weight plates, then carefully worked over the screws a few times to improve fit, using Stepmania's input test mode to check. After modding, I measured about 12 pounds of static force to trigger, and this could improve further with some more playtime and adjustment. It's the best it's ever been and immediately allowed me to play with light tapping like I do on arcade pads.

HUGE Upgrade From Traditional Penny Mod

I think James has made a fantastic product with this sensitivity mod. I've been using these in my Cobalt Flux for the past 2 weeks and it performs exceptionally (context of skill level: PFC LV17's). These aren't simply copper tape strips cut to size. Rather, they are laser cut pieces of copper metal that are very conductive and responsive. The adhesive is strong and the strips won't move once applied. Installed, the pad feels very solid and you get roughly the same "reduced panel distance" as the penny mod offers. Though unlike the penny mod, you also won't get permanent imprints of Abraham Lincoln on your pad internals. I had a lot of flickering inputs while using pennies and this mod completely eliminated that as well. Now if I get a great or miss, I know it's me and not the pad, lol! I would highly recommend this mod to anyone who is looking to buff the sensitivity of the Cobalt Flux or L-TEK pad.