L-TEK Arduino Dance Pad Shield - 1000hz PCB

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Official L-TEK 1000hz Circuit Board

This is an Arduino compatible PCB manufactured by L-TEK for the purpose of modifying their dance pads to poll at 1000hz. Can be used with L-TEK pads and all other dance pads.

This Dance Pad Shield is equipped with ESD protection and external pull-up resistors to protect the microcontroller from potentially damaging electrostatic discharge.

Choose from:

  • Dance Pad Shield Only
  • Dance Pad Shield + Arduino (Not Assembled)
  • Dance Pad Shield + Arduino (Fully Assembled)

Fully assembled version comes with an Arduino Micro pre soldered to it. The Dance Pad Shield only version will require you to add the Arduino Micro yourself.  


  • Arduino Dance Shield - PCB
  • Compatible with all L-TEK pads
  • Can be used to modify any dance pad or when building a DIY pad

For more information on modifying L-TEK pads to poll at 1000hz check out our DIY & Repair Guide

This is an official product manufactured by L-TEK. 

**Please note that modifying your dance pad in any way may void the manufacturer's warranty**


~If for any reason you are not happy with the part you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase~