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This is an upgraded version of the common soft pad mod. It's a durable wood base covered by a plastic top. You put the soft pad under the plastic and secure it using the provided screws.

This mod gives you a hard base to play on and prevents the pad from slipping, wrinkling, and bunching up during play. It greatly improves the playability of any soft pad. Soft pads can be easily install and changed with just a screwdriver. 

Includes a 1/2" thick wooden base with a flat black finish around the edge and 1/8" thick clear acrylic top. Both the base and top have precut holes for the screws to go through. The dimensions are 36.5" Wide (Left to right) x 41" Deep (Front to back). 


  • Wood Base (1/2")
  • Acrylic Top (1/8") 
  • Screws and Washers (13)

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This mod can be used with any soft pad (dance mat) for Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), StepMania, Pump It Up (PIU). Including USB (PC, Mac), PlayStation (PS1, PS2, PS3), Original Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, and Wii. 


To install first remove the protective plastic coating from the acrylic top piece. Next lay your pad on top of the wooden base smoothing out the pad to remove any wrinkles. Place the acrylic cover over the pad. Once the pad is in place secure the acrylic to the base with the provided screws and washers. Hand tighten the screws and be careful not to overtighten them. Once finished place on a flat even floor and you are ready to dance.